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Scubaworkshopuk are proud to be working with Scubapro as the only UK  approved dive computer service and battery replacement provider.

We are the only people in the UK that are capable of Servicing, Battery Replacement, and Recalibrating to manufacturers Settings.

sellers cannot recalibrate the computers to the required settings.

Which computers?

Basically all Uwatec & Scubapro dive computers, except Aladin Air X, Nitox and O2.


If you have any questions just give Chris a phone call.

How can I get my battery changed?

You need to take your dive computer to an Authorised Scubapro Dealer, Do Not send it directly to us as we cannot deal with any items that haven’t been sent to us by a Scubapro Dealer.

We Service

Uwatec  Aladin sport

Uwatec  Aladin Pro

Uwatec  Aladin Nitrox

Uwatec Aladin Air

Uwatec Aladin pro ultra

Uwatec Aladin pro ultra nitrox 

Uwatec  Aladin Smart Pro

Uwatec  Aladin  Smart Tec

Uwatec Aladin Smart Z

Uwatec  Aladin Air Z Nitrox

UWATEC Aladin Smart Com Air

UWATEC Aladin Smart Com Nitrox

Uwatec Smart Pro - Air Z – Nitrox

We are sorry but cannot offer battery changes on these dive computers, if you are unsure please ring us or contact your Scubapro Dealer

Uwatec Dive Timer

Scubapro Dive Timer

Uwatec Aladin Air X

Uwatec Aladin Air X Nitrox

Uwatec Aladin Air X O2

or Uwatec Digital Compass

Scubapro Uwatec & Aladin

Dive Computer

Battery Change & Service

Scubapro Authorised Dealers

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