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                   !! WARNING !!

What are you filling your cylinder with ??

Clean pure dry air ??

How do you know??

Look for an in date AIR TEST.

This should be displayed for all to see.

Anyone who Sells air Must have one HSE require it.

Clubs that supply air as part of the membership are” selling Air”

How will it save money servicing costs?

How will it help dive safely?

Air tests detect the following:


This causes Rust to form in the cylinder, faster with nitrox fills.

Cost to Diver Minimum cost , Shot blasting when tested or cleaned.

Maximum cost Cylinder Condemned due to the corrosion at next test / clean.

Diving - this excess water can get into the regulator and cause a free flow. No mater how well the regulators are serviced.


This contaminates the cylinder, extremely dangerous for nitrox filling.

Cost -the cylinder must be  decontaminated by cleaning, possibly the regulators that have been used on the cylinder would need servicing to remove the oil

Diving- The air tastes bad, can cause headaches and vomiting, underwater!!

Carbon Monoxide/ Carbon Dioxide-

These don’t cause any problems as far as equipment.

Diving- These gasses are poisonous , effects include headaches, dizzyness, vertigo, difficulty in breathing, unconcousness, black outs.  These All get worse with depth ie deeper you dive the worse the effect.

As a diver you have the right to clean air that is up to standard.

If you pay for your air then the fill station must publicly display their last air test.

This is what they look like......




Air Testing

This ensures your compressor is up to standard BS EN 12021.

Diver’s breathing air standards and the frequency of the examination and tests.

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Frequency of tests

At least once every three months.

More frequent tests should be conducted if there is a problem.

Air Quality Testing